The Best 30 Pin Up Hairstyles For Glamorous Retro Girls

Tap Into That Retro Glam With These 50 Pin Up Hairstyles

This shoulder-length hairstyle is very glamorous thanks to the tousled waves and the sweeping bang flip. These retro bangs create a jaw-dropping hair look. Curl the bangs inward and wrap them around fingers into a ringlet shape to be secured with pins.

Her front layers have been pulled back off her face and the crown has been teased to create a voluminous mane. Finally, the ends were curled for an old school polish. Here’s another gorgeous girl rocking the starlet look.

Beachy Spring Break Hairstyle Ideas

Be that as it may, we were genuinely taken aback when we came across this beauty. It goes to show girls with mermaid hair can pull of pin up glam flawlessly. For this version, you don’t even have to put too much time into relaxing your hair. We especially encourage women with shorter hair to try this approach to get the pin up glow they strive for.

The hair flowers add a pop of color to the look. Keep all the eyes on you with an unconventional pin up hair look that is easy to achieve. Divide the hair into two parts and wrap it around two fingers in opposite directions continuing to the back creating two giant rolls on the head. Maham is a seasoned beauty & lifestyle writer with a master’s degree in agricultural science.

Piral Curls Updo

The combination between the black intricate pattern covering your eyes and the sultry red lipstick will prove charming beyond belief. Yes, you don’t have to give up your favorite trend even when you’re invited to a very formal event. Run the rolls to one side, create small ‘birds’ nests’ and fill them with eye-catching jewels. All you need to pull off this look are a few bobby pins microfin pvt ltd.

As far as a daily style, these looks can seem a bit labor-intensive, but the more you practice the easier it gets. Use Goldwell Style Sign Twist Around spray which is designed specifically for heat setting curls. The density of the hair will determine the size of the wave pattern you can wear, but it works on all types of hair.

Style It On: How To Create A Holiday Party Hairstyle

Creativity plays a major role in pin up hairstyles. The more complex you get with your version, the more eye candy the outcome will be. In the last few years, pin up hairstyles for brides have become more embraced than ever before.

This pin up hairstyle with bangs creates height at the top of the head and uses bangs instead of curls to frame a delicately feminine face. This hairstyle is too inspired from the vintage hairstyle. The loose curls add sheen to the looks and the roll on the top perfectly matches the style.

So, What Is Your Hair Motivation?

To make your look even more memorable, save a portion of your hair in the front for a posh roll. Just like that, you’re all ready for any fancy occasion. What do you get when you mix rockabilly with punk vibes?

Instead of conventional victory rolls opt for this stylish look. Slick back the sides into a curly updo while sparing the front central chunk. The front strands are then swooped from one side to the other while twisting them back to be secured with pins.

Ideas For Burgundy Hair Color In Brunettes Blondes And Red Heads

Instead, wear quirky jewelry and hair accessories to add fun to the look. It looks great when you’re going to hang out with your friends or family. Finish your hairstyle by pinning up one beautiful daisy on each side. This hairstyle is perfect for events like a wedding. This look is suitable for round, square or oval shaped faces. “Keep in mind that the goal with any haircut or hairstyle is too achieve a more oval-shaped face,” Kaye emphasizes.

This is a nice blonde ombre hair color ideas with rolls on the top. To make it impactful you can place a floral head pin on the side. It is an apt version of the victory rolls for the beginners.

Hot Pink Side Coiffed Style

When you’re searching “vintage pin up girls” on the internet, you see many images of hairstyles where the curls are clearly defined like these ones. Take a retro element like a victory roll and make it modern. This pin up style with victory rolls focuses on one roll at the top of the head and leaves the rest of the hair down in a trendy way.

Use pins to hold this roll, and you’re all set. You can make this hairstyle if you have short hair. On the side with the small victory roll, curl the sections going upwards. On the other side with the most volume or hidden pin curl, curl the hair going downwards in sections.

Lavender Victory Rolls

Style the remaining strands in a rolled updo at the back, securing them with pins. Try one of these pin up hairstyles for short hair if you don’t know how to maintain your hair. This is one of the intricate pin up hairstyles. This is a perfect hairstyle for all the types of events and occasions. Pair it up with the nice floral dress and you will definitely dazzle the day. And yes, you can also pin up a flower to give it a nice look.

For example, if you want to create a messy look, use bobby pins instead of regular hairpins. There are a few different ways to do pin up hair, but the most common method is to tease the hair and then use a comb to smooth it over. You can then use hairspray to hold it in place. This hairstyle is one of our favorites since it makes us think of Madonna in her formative years. Additionally, it has a lot of the “vacationing pin-up girl” vibe. All you need is some mousse to give your hair texture and ensure it stays in place.

Balayage Pin Up Coiffure With Headband

Though the finished product looks intricate, pinning your curls is as easy as … well, as easy as opening up a bobby pin, honestly. Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe with blonde curls and red lipstick. However, the pin up hair has transcended decades, so it looks as good now as it did then. Just take a gander at this beautiful ‘do for proof. Show off your beautiful braids in a pin up hairdo. You get to really appreciate the texture of your braids with this vintage-inspired half-up look.

The curls on top truly are the icing on the cake. They’re actually faux bangs, created by rolling the hair inwards, in the direction of your hairline, and pinning them in place. Give your hair a high gloss kick for that extra vintage vibe. This Vintage inspired style will give you an amazing silhouette. Twist the hair as you wrap it around the iron, going underneath the barrel instead of over. Most pin-up styles work best on hair that’s shoulder length or longer.

Teal Blue Ends Pin Up Updo

Recreate the original look and add it a little twist. You can wear glamorous pin up curls, they are very easy to do, no matter the length of your hair. Here is the true mix of modern and vintage – pin up hairstyles and dreads. All in an amazing moss green shade that will highlight your eyes and put all other hair colors to shame. Another significant aspect of the pin up hairstyles trend is the bangs.

A scarf takes care of the back, but remember that bolder is better. Victory rolls must be mentioned whenever the topic of pin-up hairstyles is brought up. You best learn how to execute victory rolls quickly because they are the pinup style’s basic foundation. Just like you experiment with your clothes daily, it’s time to be creative and do something unique with your hair too. Since there are a lot of pin up hairstyles, you can’t just stick to one.

Pin-up Hairstyles For A Vintage Look In 2023

If you lack the courage to get your bangs cut, these are a perfect alternative because they have the timeless appeal of a 1950s pinup girl. Bold makeup and dark clothes will match this hairstyle. First, curl your hair a little, and then secure the ends of your hair with a pin. This will create a neat look and give an impression of a bob hairstyle.

Give your hair an extra layer of protection from hot tongs with a spray made for flat iron styling. We like how TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray helps control frizz and imparts a shine, even after your curl has set. Thinking of leaving your hair down for your pin up look? Use hairspray and subtle teasing to make your curled locks lusciously voluminous. As long as your hair is softly curled all around, you can part your hair to the side and leave a few larger curls in the front as bangs. As a result, you can consider just touching up your hairstyle a bit with some retro inspiration.

How To A-line Hairstyle With Face Framing Locks For Short Thin Hair?

The invention of the straightening iron may have contributed to this. To recreate this look, use a thermal protectant to prep the hair. Set with pin curl clips and use a 3/4-inch curling iron. In the back, curl the sections going downwards in horizontal sections and part the hair in a deep part.

You can use a variety of different pins and hair accessories to achieve this look. After finishing, you can tie them up with a band. Later, to secure those curls to the head and prevent them from rising excessively, pin them up in style to resemble a bun. You will look great in the office or on any formal or informal occasion with this updo.

Eadscarf Style With Rolled Bangs

If you’re new to these styling techniques, we recommend trying something more simple until you’ve had some practice pinning rolls in place. This high ponytail updo keeps hair out of your way all day, but looks more sophisticated and sexy than your average pony. We love the dramatic contrast between waist-length hair and short Bettie Page bangs. Mid length hair is the ideal canvas for getting this pin up style that’s all rolled into an updo. Accessorize with a birdcage for a dramatic evening look, or go without for a softer, daytime style. Katy Perry mixes modern trend in a bright peachy pink color with a classic pinup style featuring curled hair and a thick, dramatic bumper bang.

To achieve a pin up hairstyle with bumper bangs, you must get your hands on a hair form to fill out the bangs. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you create this sexy, crowd-pleasing style. Consider a sassy style for your short locks that instantly reminds of the 50s’ short hair fashion. Curl the ends of the short bob, separating them from the single victory roll at the front with an oversized bow headband. Most famous in the 1940s and 50s, pin up hairstyle is a retro look that is sexy and overtly glamorous.

Neon Pin Up Hairstyles

This is one of the most popular retro hairstyles. The hair color and the hairstyle totally compliment each other. This hairstyle is quite inspired from the retro hairstyles. The locks rolled outside with cascading waves looks ultra-glamorous.

There are lots of various pin up hairstyles, but the most popular looks are those that draw inspiration from the Vargas girls. To master the ‘do, style your hair into a polished low updo with pin up bangs. Finish the look with two flowers on each side to accentuate your eyes. It’s easy to equate pin up with long, sexy styles, but a short pin up hairstyle can be just as attractive. In fact, it’s less difficult to get curls to stay in place when hair is shorter.

Beehive Hairstyles

This girl opted to leave her bangs completely out of her victory rolls and the finished look is stunning. For those who cannot get enough of victory rolls, you need to try this oversized look. It’s quite the statement but it is still very wearable. Ensure that your ‘do holds its shape by using a strong hold hairspray. Try playing around with the size and shape of your curls.

Those who like to keep it carefree can opt for a deep side parting with the rolls folding towards each other. Tease and tousle the remaining loose strands at the back for an undone appeal. Separate about four inches of hair from the hairline to the crown and give it a good tease before rolling the strands in opposite directions.

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